A tale of two giving strategies for business owners

by NCF staff  |  October 05, 2017  |  Type: Strategies

If you own a business and have a desire to give charitably, our team at the National Christian Foundation (NCF) can help you use one of your most valuable non-cash assets to double or triple your giving, increase your cash flow, reduce your income taxes, and even decrease your estate taxes in some cases. Here are two strategies for generous giving using your company:

Strategy #1: Business Give and Hold

Are you looking for ways to increase giving even if you are not ready to sell your company? At the National Christian Foundation, we can help you give a portion of your ownership interests in a closely-held business to charity, even while you maintain majority voting rights. Casey Crawford, owner of Movement Mortgage in Charlotte, NC, was surprised at how effective this arrangement was for maximizing his charitable contributions.

Casey says, “NCF helped us set up a supporting organization for the Movement Foundation and move a good deal of our equity on a yearly basis into that foundation to maximize our tax savings and maximize our opportunity to invest in Kingdom work.” 

Strategy #2: Business Give and Sell

Are you thinking about selling your business? Make sure you call one of our National Christian Foundation offices first. Clyde Lear, former owner of Learfield Communications in Jefferson City, Missouri, was so thankful he did.

Clyde says, “One of my buddies said if you are selling the company, you really ought to talk to NCF because they have a whole bevy of lawyers, and they’re smarter than any group we know of on how to get the best bang for the buck tax-wise from your sale. So I did.”

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